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From Faculty + Staff Class of 2020

CAPLA Faculty and Staff say congratulations, Class of 2020!

View messages of congratulations and well wishes from your CAPLA faculty and staff:

CAPLA Administration

Nancy Pollock-Ellwand
Dean, College of Architecture, Planning and Landscape Architecture

Robert Miller
Director, School of Architecture

Lauri Macmillan Johnson
Director, School of Landscape Architecture
and Planning

CAPLA Faculty and Staff

Jonathan Bean
Assistant Professor of Architecture, Sustainable Built Environments and Marketing

Clarissa Becerril
Marketing Specialist

Kay Olsen Brown
Director of Alumni Relations and Community Engagement

Simmons Buntin
Marketing and Communications Manager

Nader Chalfoun
Professor of Architecture and
Environmental Sciences

Kirk Dimond
Assistant Professor of Landscape Architecture

Christopher Domin
Associate Professor of Architecture

Lucas Guthrie
Director of Information Technology and Facilities

Mary Hardin
Professor of Architecture

Aletheia Ida
Assistant Professor of Architecture

Ladd Keith
Assistant Professor of Planning and Sustainable Built Environments

Sean Kramer-Lazar
Student Academic Success Specialist

Valerie Lane
Senior Lecturer in Architecture

Shujuan Li
Associate Professor of Landscape Architecture and Urban Planning

Margaret Livingston
Professor of Landscape Architecture

Paulus Musters
Laboratory Manager

Teresa Rosano
Assistant Professor of Practice in Architecture

Lisa Schrenk
Associate Professor of Architectural History

Siri Beidler Trumble
Lecturer in Architecture

Bo Yang
Associate Professor of Landscape Architecture and Urban Planning

Adriana Zuniga
Assistant Research Scientist

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