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Student Showcase

Aseel Baarimah

Master of Architecture ’19
Master of Science in Architecture ’19

Concentration in Design and Energy Conservation

  • Design Excellence Award
  • Master of Architecture Faculty Commendation
  • Master of Science in Architecture Faculty Commendation
  • Highest Scholastic Excellence Award
  • Albert H. Drachman Memorial Scholarship

Home Country
Saudi Arabia

Master’s Thesis (M Arch)
Detroit Culture Center: Architectural Experience through Senses

Master’s Thesis (MS Arch)
Redefining the Traditional Mashrabiya Improving Daylight Performance, Privacy and Radiant Heating Utilizing Adaptive Diffused Shading in Hot Arid Climate


The architect is not only the director, but he is the composer. And, as a composer, the architect brings a sense of creativity to each building.
  – Santiago Calatrava

I believe that architecture is a life language that cannot be separated from the people’s life and needs a person who is passionate about understanding the details around them to utilize it in a different way, and this person is me: the architect. I am interested in creating different levels of perspective for the users to experience and explore the built environment in many different ways.


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