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Student Showcase

Dionna Hatch

Master of Landscape Architecture ’20

  • AzASLA Student Collaborative Design Award

Home Town
Tucson, Arizona

Master’s Project
A Walk on the Wild Side: Incorporating Ecological Design and Ethnobotany Interpretation in Udall Park


“What is the true sign of strength?” asked the boy.
“Gentleness,” said the horse.

  РCharlie Mackey


Over the last three years, I worked with USA-National Phenology Network as part of my Returned Peace Corps Volunteer (RPCV) Coverdell Fellowship. I was also a graduate assistant for the School of Architecture and the 200-level History and Theory Courses for two years. I was a fortunate recipient of scholarships and grants during my time at CAPLA. Several projects our class worked on received awards and recognition. It has been a long and short three years. The sacrifice will, I hope, be worth it. I have met amazing people who I know will accomplish much. Congratulations to you all! Thank you for your friendship.


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