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Student Showcase

Jenny Nguyen

Bachelor of Architecture ’20

Honors College

Former President, American Institute of Architecture Students

  • AIA Design Excellence Award Fifth Place | Reigniting Spirit of Place
  • Capstone Distinguished Project
  • Faculty Commendation

Home Town
Phoenix, Arizona

Capstone Project
Reigniting Spirit of Place


Through education and hard work, you can achieve anything.
  – My Dad, David Nguyen (1961-2017)

The past five years at CAPLA have been some of the most difficult yet inspiring and rewarding years of my life. I’ve gained experiences and relationships that I never imagined would be a by-product of beginning the crazy ride we call architecture school. Thank you to everyone I’ve had the opportunity to mentor, learn from, grow alongside, and cross paths with. You have made this journey meaningful and memorable. I wish everyone nothing but the best and greatest luck as we navigate the next chapter of our lives. Until we meet again… thank you.

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