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Student Showcase


Bachelor of Architecture ’21

  • richärd+bauer Prize (2019)

Home Town
Gilbert, Arizona

Capstone Project
Centro de Cultura y Vida
Mexico City, Mexico


Architecture is the playground of memory. The plethora of different spaces we inhabit cultivate the moments we remember forever.

The memory of architecture lives within the house we grow up in, the restaurant where we share laughs with friends, or the church service under the gleam of a stained glass window. Architecture is about creating a space that is not solely defined by the four walls that enclose it; but the the feelings we have and memories we make within them.

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  • Jay Bailey

    October 10, 2021

    I love that statement “the places we inhabit cultivate the moments we remember forever.”

    You did a great job in college and worked hard to achieve that goal”. Awful proud of you.



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