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Student Showcase

Sijie Zhou

Bachelor of Architecture ’21

Honors College

Secretary, Tau Sigma Delta Honor Society
CAPLA Student Ambassador

  • AIA Design Excellence Award Citation | Design Build
  • School of Architecture Outstanding Senior
  • Stream Award for History and Theory
  • William G. Ure III Award
  • Undergraduate Assistant Award
  • Faculty Commendation

Home Town
Tucson, Arizona

Capstone Project
Vecindad Viva


Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened!
  – Dr. Seuss

Hi everyone! During my time at CAPLA I have made many meaningful connections and have had so many wonderful experiences. I have learned so much from this community and I am so grateful for my five years at this school. Thank you to everyone for making my college experience memorable and fun! Congratulations to everyone for making it through several challenging yet rewarding years. I wish you all luck on your future endeavors and I hope to see everyone soon!


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