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Student Showcase

Yao Shi

Master of Real Estate Development ’20

Home Town
Dalian, China

Featured Project
Bank of America Affordable House Competition


Be true to yourself and follow your heart.
  – Anonymous


I had a great study experience at the U of A and CAPLA. So glad I achieved my second master’s degree 13 years after my first master’s degree achievement in China. I hope one day I could be a bridge between China and the U.S. architecture’s communication. Also, I could gain more enjoyable experience in my professional field. Thanks to my professors and the faculty; they helped me a lot in my academic progress. Thanks to my friends and classmates; I had amazing time with them. Thanks to my family; without their support, I could not achieve my goal at this point in my life. I appreciate all the experience in the U.S., and I learned a lot, which colored my life. Many thanks!!!

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  • Yicheng Xu

    May 15, 2020

    Good job!!!


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